For my work with clients I use my experience and awareness to intuitively choose the individually appropriate way. I completely focus on your concerns and consider body, mind and soul in each session.

I've experienced all the methods used by me as very healing and transformative both for myself and for others. I also offer tools which can be used in everyday life so that you can continue the energetic transformation and realization of your concerns and heart's desires on your own.

My Qualifications

Degree in English, social sciences and pedagogics (1995-2001)

Teacher training and teaching at a Gymnasium (since 2002)


Long-term practice of meditation and yoga (since 1996)

Study of spiritual traditions and paths (since 1996)


Training in Psycho-social Counseling (2010-2011)

Training in Energetic healing methods (Jin Shin Jyutsu, Quantenheilung, EFT) (2011)

Training in Focusing at the Focusing-Institute in Cologne (2012)

Training as NLP-Practitioner (2012-2013)

Dorn-Breuss-Training (2015)

Access-Bars-Practitioner (2015)